Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Love and STDs are In The Air!

The new year is a time of renewal, and with that the return to the one true love of the ages, Hugh Hefner and Crystal Not-A-Made-Up-Stripper-Name Harris.  Let us welcome the happy couple:

Hugh Hefner


Crystal Harris

Harris said, after the first breakup, that "we only had sex once", "he didn't take off his clothes" and "he lasted only two seconds."  If this isn't a deal breaker in any of the myriad multiverses, then who am I to make smart-ass comments complain?

Now before you pull out the How Dare You!!! card, let me point out that:

Hugh Hefner is
  • Rich
  • Famous
  • Has a mansion full of babes
Crystal Harris is
  • Blonde
  • Uh, can breathe?  I think so
I have
  • a comedy blog
Get ready for a loose collection of, well, sort of Playboy related nonsense in January, the coldest and most bitterest of months.  Great for laughs!

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