Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day Top 10

Like, Mr. Jinks here again.  Haven't done one of these things in, like, a while, you know, I was getting kind of sure I wouldn't be making anymore appearances, but, like people seem to get tired of reviews of movies with naked women and, like, that gives time for ol' Jinksie boy!  They do, like, get tired of that, right?

Top 10 Least Wanted Mother Day Card Slogans

10. Thanks for gestating me!
9. Is the extra room in the basement still empty?
8. Here's a gift -- moisturizer! (Norman Bates only)
7. I love you, random dancer at Chesticles, dad was really, really drunk and can't quite pinpoint the exact set of pasties.
6. The flowers were too damn expensive!
5. Daddy's tired and asked me to berate you tonight  -- bitch!
4. For all the help you've given me in school -- thanks for being an MILF to all my teachers!
3. I think the hump is from daddy's DNA!
2. How lucky am I?  Well, I'm lucky you never learned to properly use contraception!
1. Smothering = Love!

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