Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Grandma's Mother Day Message

Grandma's back and better than ever!  I've had some tune up work done and my engine's purring like a slightly dizzy kitten with a bad case of Emphysema!

Being Mother's Day -- and I think I'm quite the mother as I've pushed enough things in and out of these loins to qualify for a discount at Jiffy Lube -- I'm wishing for a visit from one of you wolf hunks out there!  One with big guns, like a battleship!  Somebody who can crest a wave of love over me and turn this dry dock into a raging torrent ... or at least wet enough for the jelly to stick!

While gravity might have subtly morphed Grandma's love melons from perky pleasures to pendulous protuberances, Grandma still knows how to move 'em like the boys like to see 'em swinging ... they just take a bit longer to stop ... but that's more entertainment for the next wolf that I set my sights on (within a couple feet, Grandma's not good without her glasses!)

So, let's get this Mother's Day going!  You bring the hot rod and I'll shift these hips into neutral!

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