Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Naked Ape: The Beast That Killed Women, Part 5

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After a bloody and grisly attack, our nudist pull out their sure-fire weapon for scaring away beasts:

Next up, naked Rock-em, Sock-em Robots.

Naked square dancing.

Not the most back-to-nature nudist camp, is it?  It's more like Stalag 13.  Somebody hanging used garland against the stark cement block wall isn't suddenly going to make that gray monolithic blend in with the trees.  That said, if you can even see the wall with all the bouncing that's going on, then you're probably pre-occupied most of the time with right angles and mortar composition.

I'd recommend focusing on the female boobs because if you do, you're likely to miss the furry ones on the paunchy 60s guy.

Beast trapped in plant area at Pier 1 again!

Beast finally back!

Beast titular character in film, yet beast have very few scenes!

Beast need to talk to agent.  Maybe beast stop killing women, start killing agent!  Beast wait, though, beast in talks to star in Saturday Morning live-action cartoon called Ghost Busters.  Beast wait until sees if he has job.  Hope beast doesn't have to co-star with any hammy actors, like guys in F-troop.  Hope beast's words aren't ironic.

An exciting scene, filmed in pitch-black-arama.

It's hard to see, but our beast is heaving this actor.  He gets a good 3 feet up and 5-10 feet out, and looks really frightened -- you can't blame him -- because knowing the shoot, the water is probably full of hepatitis A through triple Z.

The one time we have something exciting going on, and the director decides this is the time to light the scene with wistful fire-flies.

Saves time in the morning if you put your lipstick on before going to bed.

During the tense (have I convinced you?) beast scenes, we get multiple scenes of scared topless hotties climbing into bed together.  I know what you are thinking, but take that thought and bury it in the same deep, dark hole that the negatives of this film should have be interned in.

Sorry folks, but this is as suggestive as the 60s nudie cutie genre is going to get.  That is, unless it so happens that your personal fetish is women arguing over bunk space, then boy, you've hit the jackpot!

Eugene Levy's dad got some plum roles!

Here's a scene where the cops question a woman for what seems like 47 hours to determine that the beast is actually a gorilla.  There's a small problem -- outside of the tedium -- with this scene, which I've helpful outlined with arrows.

Look, I don't want to tell the director to do his job, but, actually, yes, yes I do want to tell the director how to do his job.  Block the scene better, you hack!

So this Coke machine serves cottage cheese in a bottle?

Thankfully not a remake of Carrie.

Hey, again, blocking!  Is that 9 important?  Does it have significance later?  Then center the actors on the camera!  We're missing out on a complete butt!

It seems our lovely ladies are fleeing the camp after the second fearsome beast attack.  Will there be anybody left to jump around topless?  Well, not counting the beast.

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