Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Attractive, Hot Single Ladies 13

Today there's a very special lady in our Single Ladies collection.  She, and it, would love to get you alone for moonlight smooching and/or moonlight maiming.  Which ever comes first determines if it's a good first date or a bad last one.

Ginger or Gruntjetta, depending on the phase of the moon.

Looking for:
A man with whom I can let down my hair, and possibly giant chunks of moldering skin.  A man that will allow me to be myself and also be a slobbering monster with a dandy pair of earrings.

I love a man who's not afraid to call me honey, or call the national guard to stop my ghoulish rampage.  A man who can love me regardless of health, wealth, or just how deep my monster alter-ego is wading into the steaming entrails of my terrified victims.

Perfect Date:
A nice diner in a fancy restaurant, and then right back home to tie me to a chair before the change comes.  Important note: Do not take tying me to the chair as foreplay.  That would be a mistake.

Special Word from Our Lovely Lady
I'm a kind blargh, arg, kill, kill, KILL and loving woman!  I love to travel argh, choke, must rend tear rend tear KILL KILL and go hiking in the mountains must KILL eat flesh KILL KILL and am a great lover of nature, I especially love watching birds blargh blargh arg me also like pretty birds.


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