Saturday, June 1, 2013

Those Darn Internet Ads, Part 1

A new feature here at the parade, sure to enchant very small children who laugh at keys and very dizzy otters.

Today's ad:

Other than the stunning reveal of the advanced Asian Woman cloning experiment, I do have to appreciate that this ad really caters to people who believe that beauty is what's inside, and not tied to an age.  That a women, of any age, can be dating material.

Specifically the ages 18 to 98!

Once you hit 99?  Over the hill, lady!  Time to pack up that uterus and get left on a mountain top!

Sadly, the clones are all 19 so it's a bit like Henry Ford: We have any color you want, as long as it's black.  We have any age and look, as long as it's photoshopped within a inch of it's life!

The "I am a" combo box is a bit presumptuous.  There's only room for a three letter word.  What about warthog seeking woman?

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