Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pulped, Part 5

Would Lars of Mars be the same two-fisted hero if his parents decided to call him Humperdinck of Mars?

The fun thing about this cover is neither the robot nor the woman seem at all happy to see Lars of Mars.  The robot looks pretty perplexed about the whole thing.

Well, who is this fellow with the well-defined butt?  And why did he just knock Greg's leg off?  Maybe he wants this soft squishy thing I just found.  I was thinking it'd make a good weather vane but if this ruffian and his plug-based fly apparatus wants it back, then all he had to do was ask!  Greg had a wife and child!  How is he going to provide for them now -- he was an robot olympics running champion!

The woman seems a bit annoyed, as if Lars has shown up late for a date.  She went to all the trouble to dress up in her weather vane hat and finest cone breast containers, and he shows up 10 minutes late, and punches a bunch of robots for no reason?  She's regretting even agreeing to go on this date.  She should have know the minute his profile said his name was "Lars."  That's a red flag!

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