Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Spaghetti Strip: Sexy Proibitissimo, Part 2

It new to this series, start here.

Continuing on with Sexy Proibitissimo, originally titled Proibitissimo, which means "most prohibited" in Italian -- I assume the "Sexy" was later added for an American audience.  Note that for somebody who's seen Blood Sucking Freaks more than once, the "most prohibited" for mildly re-enacted historical stripping scenes rings false, though both films feature topless women and guillotines.  No kidding.  And you thought the Frankenstein thing was going to be the weirdest, didn't you?

Good Sir, you call that stripping?  I say Hmph!  Hmph!

But before that, old men watching a stripper.

I couldn't be more excited if you mainlined Jolt cola into my spine.

I took this shot so you can see he's wearing underwear.  You're welcome.

Here we have our defense attorney who seems to think he's in a production of Disney's To Kill a Mockingbird on Ice.  He is trying to get a women off (ugh must resist siren call of cheap puns!) in front of a jury of Greek men.  His interpretive dance isn't working, mostly because he made the mistake of wearing underwear.

So, in a society that built most of western culture and political institutions, what amazing court room maneuvers can our hero pull off?

He's either Superman or they are stripping in a hurricane.


Or in it's more proper latin, E Boobish Ushowen.  Yes, historically, using Latin makes little sense here, but normal rules don't apply in a universe that seems to be composed of only a smallish brick stage in the endless pastel void.

I drew in the helpful arrow.  It's not in the film.  It should be.

Get a good look, grandpa, they haven't invented Viagra yet.

I knew the Stretch Monster would come in handy!

Our stripper wins the case, even though see doesn't seem too interested in the outcome.  It's like she is rolling around her "To Do" list up in her head.  I'm beginning to suspect at the top of that list is "get paid, get out of stupid movie."

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