Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pulped, Part 6

I swear I've had a couple of dates like this ...

The great thing about some of these pulp artist is how much time they spent learning to draw beautiful women, and absolutely no time learning to draw anything else.  It's "lavishly illustrated" for sure, that is, if you have a female lobster hand fetish.

The thing I'll charitably call an ape is a wonder to behold.  From the ... lavishly ... painted hair and it's sparkling green highlights -- from a light source that manages to pass directly through the woman -- to the impossible legs and missing butt (he's very sensitive about that, as most apes are), to the completely insane addition of the gun.  Did the editor not think this was enough already?

"She's been kidnapped by an ape man that is not only 2 feet taller but probably 400 lbs heavier, but something seems off!  How could this monster possibly kidnap this woman?  I know, add a smoking gun!"

Bonus tip:  If your Craig's List hookup emails you to "meet me at the morgue," don't go.

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