Monday, February 13, 2012

The Cursed Spook Walks Among Us!

Once more you step into my eerie crypt ...

OK, I have to be honest with you.  My heart's not in it today.  Yes, I know you stepped into my eerie crypt and that should count for something, but, frankly, I've had a run of bad luck.

My car broke down.  Yes, it happens to everybody, but I just had a major repair done only a month ago, and I don't really have the money for this.

Worse, my girlfriend has been acting real strange, and yesterday she met me by saying "why can't you be more like Dracula, now that's a real monster!"  I think she's seeing somebody else.

I'm sorry to push all my troubles on you, but ...


I have fooled you!  The curse is still on!  You have been given the curse of having to feign pity for somebody else even though you're a self-centered jerk!

Suffer, foolish mortals!

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