Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Broken Leg Skeletor Reaches Bottom

So, let's recap.

My right leg is shattered.  It feels like somebody is attempting to shish kabob my patella.  Panthor, my battle-cat-sans-rip-off animal, is attempting to eat my right arm.

Battle-cat, companion of my mortal enemy He-man, is attempting the same on my left arm.

Now Beast-man is attempting to consume my left leg, and probably filling my normally sexy man-meat hammock with wiry orange hair.

I patiently wait the next catastrophe to befall me.

Oh great.  Orko.  Orko!  I suppose my broken leg shall become your brunch?

Er ... uh ... do you think Evil-Lyn likes me.  I mean ... likes me ... you know.


Couldn't you just eat a leg like everybody else?

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