Friday, February 17, 2012

Savoire Faire is Lonely

Savoire Faire, here at speed dating, looking for a sucker romance to fleece spend time with!

Who's next?  Let me see .... iiiiieeeeeeeeee!

Greetings, French Rodent!  I am Big Brain Wonder Woman!  My likes are discovering large prime numbers!  My dislikes are the tyranny of hat sizes!

Er, uh ... er .... are ... you rich?

You are an interesting partner with interesting questions!  Big Brain Wonder Woman thinks she might be compatible with you.  To answer your query, no, I have no money.  For some reason, while I am infinitely qualified for any job on this planet of tiny brained mortals, nobody will hire Big Brain Wonder Woman.  I think they are discriminating against my mode of attire, the one piece patriotic swim wear.

Oh, look at that, times up!

That is incorrect.  We still have 52.6 seconds left.  I can convert that to microseconds if it makes it easier to understand.  Now it is your turn to inform me how you feel about life, and I am especially interested in your position on tiaras.

Savoire Faire is everywhere, sadly, including here ...

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