Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Nice Pair: The Adventures of Lucky Pierre, Part 2

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Remember what I said about Billy Falbo mugging?  There's more mugging in this 5 minute segment then there was in the 80s in Times Square.  And that mugging probably left you feeling slightly less icky than watching this will.

Pardon My Pigments

Bumble's going to have a long December

You've given your money, and now you want to see naked women.  You've heard this picture, the first in color, is a revolution in the delivery of naked women.  Your anticipation is sky high!  The very last thing you want to see is some D-level comedian prance around like a poodle that got into a big box of pixie sticks.  But they wouldn't do that, right?  They'd certainly deliver the naked chicks up front, right?


The hills are alive with the sound of mugging!

Damn!  Well, how long can this mugging go on?

Somebody's paying me for this!  Wha-hoo!

Quite a while, it seems, and it's quite whimsical if by whimsical you mean induces seizures.

I opened for Sinatra!  He loved my hopping!

Finally!  Hot naked mamas!  All is forgiven, Friedman and Lewis!

No wonder people got stuck in the Forest of Illusion.  A Super Mario World joke.
Nerd Power +20!

Well, aside from blocking problems -- they never got all three women in the frame at the same time -- I finally see the benefit of this great, great work of cinematic art.  From here on out, Friedman and Lewis are national heroes, and ...

Please jam that in either your eye or mine.

 Damn it, right back to the crap!

 Did you ever wonder what the look of regret was on a nude model?  Not for being nude, but for getting within the range of a guy that has a habit of shooting off kneecaps?  Well, then, wonder no longer:

I hope he is happy to see me and that's not a gun!

Hey, I said smile!  We're taking away your wig privileges if you keep this up!

Of course, what could possibly be the ending?  Could it be that he painting is an abstract?  Of course the hell it is.


This segment was 80% mugging, 20% chicks.  I'm getting a very, very bad feeling that December might just not be that merry of a month for me!

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