Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blog Birthday!

Exactly one year ago today, this blog started up with a pretty lame TrapJaw joke.  A little over 6000 hits later (I haven't even reached internet nobody status yet),  I'm going to continue the tradition.

This is the kind of cutting edge -- and not at all done by literally everybody else my age -- humor that has thrilled the 1s of 2s of folks that visit my blog.

So, without further delaying of the nonsense, we begin year 2!

While Teela is busy with the Sorceress, I will sneak up and clamp her with
my deadly ... well ... trap jaw!

It's a bit predictable, but it is my go-to device.

I feel you shouldn't deny the classics, and yes, I'm procrastinating to hold
off the inevitable conclusion of getting another sword rammed down my gullet.

I'm not touching you!  Is this annoying?  Not touching!

Holy living badonkadonk....!

Oh leave me some to clamp!  Please!  I will literally be your slave for a year.
A whole year!  I will use my teeth to chisel off the crust from underneath
your refrigerator!  I will do that!  For a year.

I have never seen anything as amazing ...
and I work with a muscle-bound skeleton that has a squeaky voice and
believes that hiring a man-sized skunk named Stinkor is a competent decision.

Ah-ha, scoundrels!  Thought you could sneak up on me!
Next time you should be more quiet!

Drat ... foiled again by pervy filmmation animators!

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