Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Attractive, Hot Single Ladies 12

More single ladies looking for you to ask them out to a romantic date in the woods, mostly because digging a human-sized hole goes faster with two people.

Suzy Jailbird.  "Bird," not "bait".  This is very important.  Don't make that mistake.

Looking for:
A man who has the keys to her heart, and hopefully the keys to a cell door.

Also, a man with enough tenderness ... in certain regions ... who might be able to sneak a couple things in by placing them ... in ... an orifice ... or two.  Or three.  Might need to be partially disassembled.  Not the orifice.

Perfect Date:
Holding hands through the bars while bathing in the warming light of the burning slum tenement that contained the apartment of that damned stool pigeon.

Special Word from Our Lovely Lady
I'm the kind of woman that loves a man enough to hold on to him tight!  If you are going to be my man, you can be sure I'll be loyal, and you can also be sure that if I catch you with that little tramp at that greasy spoon diner, you'll be contributing to my next 10-to-20 when they find your genetial-less corpse in a shallow grave in the desert.


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