Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's a White Off!

Sadomasicist Nurse: Your alabaster mistress is back from a long absence!

Sadomasicist Nurse: Actually, I was trapped for a couple of weeks under a camping supply avalanche in aisle 5 at my local Target -- but -- it just kept me out of the sun longer, and now I am the whitest of the white!

Greta Ghoul: Hold it right there missy!  Next to me, you're nearly pearl.  That's right.  I would dare to say eggshell, even!

Sadomasicist Nurse: I would respond, but all I see when I look in the direction of that husky voice is a big, swirling black hole.  If somebody at the paint store put up the digital color detector, it would read "a region of space-time with gravity so intense that not even light can escape."

Greta Ghoul: Off-white bitch!

Sadomasicist Nurse: Feel the cold bed-pan of my chalky wrath!


Important Editors Note:
This seemed funny to me when I thought of it.  No kidding.  I'm as surprised as you.

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