Monday, June 18, 2012

Criswell's Triumphant Return to the Stage

Criswell has never really been away, because how can you be away, when I am always in your future?

Criswell: In the future, men will no longer smoke what you consider "pipes", instead they will smoke from an elaborate system of PVC piping, connected directly to a "smoking machine."  Heating costs will go through the roof!

Many decades from now, women will woo men by a series of clicking and buzzing sounds.  Men will still use expensive drinks, but these drinks themselves will be buzzing and clicking!

In times ahead, cars will no longer be used, instead, people will get around on flying boats, and the sky will be called "the great ocean full of much small craft advisories."

Further into the mists of time, the Black Ghoul will no longer bug me for that paycheck for Orgy of the Dead, and instead shut her bouffanted pie-hole!

Black Ghoul: Hey!

Criswell: I also predict, now that it has been mentioned, somebody will be forced to review Orgy of the Dead!

Simon Bar Sinister: Hey!  Damn it to hell!  That thing doesn't even have a plot ...

OK, none of them have a plot, point taken.

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