Monday, June 11, 2012

Sadomasicist Nurse Business Blunder

Sadomasicist Nurse: My nursing work has been drying up lately.

Sadomasicist Nurse: The administrators of the hospital I work for -- well, used to work for -- have told me that I've failed to grasp the concept that a hospital is for making people feel better.  Feel better?  What a strange concept!  I told those administrators that I'd like to administrate some pain on them, and then they punched me in the face and threw me out on my china-white tuccus.

This is not at all what I meant, and my butt hurts!

So, I'm starting my own business, called "Beatings for a Buck."

Big Brian Wonder Woman: I must intrude on this conversational creation of a new independent business venture.  I must forcibly interject that for one dollar your cost/profit ratio will be heavily slanted towards ...

Sadomasicist Nurse: Shut up!

Never has a low volume blog been populated with such annoying characters!

Anyway, I already have some clients lined up!

Henchmen: Wow-ee, boss, she's got much prettier lips than you!

Big Brian Wonder Woman: Let me point out that you were given sufficient warning!

Sadomasicist Nurse: Shut up!

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