Saturday, October 4, 2014

Halloween 2014: Skeletons are Jerks, Day 4

Day 4

They went all out on the title "Baron Weirwulf's Haunted Library," reducing it from the original title "Baron Weirwulf's Heirted Libulfy."

Does "NYYAAHHRR!!" count as a peep?

Lady, he said "one peep out of you and you're dead", and you gargle that yell?  That collection of letters the artist thought might have sounded like a scream but is actually the noise a model airplane motor makes after being soaked in oatmeal?

Then you follow it up with "D-Don't hurt m-me, please!"  Can't you follow simple directions?  Is that why you mistook the purple spray paint for hair spray this morning?  And why you thought, "hey, let's just spray everything down with it."

You deserve to get jumped by a skull faced monster in a nice red polo sweater.  Probably named Biff. Biff the skull-faced thug.  Another good band name!

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