Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween 2014: Skeletons are Jerks, Day 18

Day 18

Yeah, sure dare me to read your eerie tales of supernatural horror.  Or is it weird yarns of unseen terrors?  Well, if you are going to dare me, make up your mind!

Here we see the most gummy skeleton around.  He must have really taken the healthly gums lecture from the dentist to heart, because he's keep a real great pair of them!  The guy he's "kissing and killing", and hopefully in that order, isn't screaming as he gets hit, but demanding the skeleton tell him his gum-brushing ritual.

Skeleton's a jerk, though.  Not going to tell him.  Might kiss him.  Will certainly kill him, but will never tell him his gum hygiene secrets.  He'll take that to the grave.  Or already did!

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