Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Plea to Mother Russia

Every time my hits go way up, I begin to believe the impossible dream that I actually have followers.  Of course, the axe of reality comes down, chunks me into greasy kibble and throws my severed limbs down into the well filled with referer spam from Russia.

Of course, while Russia brought me the single most important thing in my life ....

... it also brings me great pain.  Oddly, those two things are the same!  I kid, I kid!  Put down that rolling pin!

Where is FEMEN in all this?  Referer spam should be what they are protesting!  The radioactive eco-disaster at Chernobyl?  Prostitution slavery in the Ukraine?  Unfair treatment of women in Russia?  Bah!  Mere trifling things!  Referer spam is the most insidious evil out there, it is the most important cause that must be fought for!  Now, with that all important censoring to create a tenuous connection to Halloween for this post, we'll get to the proper protests!

... and one more for you primitive screwheads ...

Nice boots.

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