Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Greta Ghoul's Halloween Soiree

Greta Ghoul: Welcome, minions of base evil!  It's time for my annual Halloween Soiree, hosted by your lime green mistress of mayhem, Greta Ghoul!

Greta Ghoul: Tonight I've only invited my best, most cherished, and chalky-ish white friends.  Nobody else allowed!  And I want to stress that statement does not mean anything, there is absolutely no foreshadowing of any unexpected guest at all on Halloween!  Halloween stories never include foreshadowing!

Sadomasicist Nurse: Ah, what a lovely night this is.  The wolves howl in the distance, and men around me howl at the application of my nipple clips.

Nothing could ruin this night, and again, foreshadowing is definitely not allowed!

Big Brained Wonder Woman: Salutations my pearl-hued female friends!  I have perused every publication of the literary publication Cosmo, and have untold numbers of party planning tips and other festively enumerated lists so we can maximize our All Hallow's Eve entertainment.

I have also invited a colleague who needs to consume vast quantities of inhibitory liquids.

Shadow Weaver: Ugh, Hordak has been pawing me all day!  I really need to wipe the thought of him leaning over me until I can smell the meatball sub he had for lunch and discover just how bad his bathing habits are!  It's either booze or an industrial strength sanding from a power tool.

Big Brained Wonder Woman: Certainly, it seems the the ratio or men to woman is unevenly distributed!  Cosmo tells us that this is a detriment to party cohesion.  There exists an easy solution to our intractable conundrum!  I have request the presence of a male specimen!

Hitler Wolf: Whoa ... that last party was a real sausage fest but this one is a real casaba fiesta!

Shadow Weaver: *sigh* Industrial strength sanding it is.

Grandma: Did I hear sausage mentioned?!?!?!  Woo-hoo!  A wolf!

Greta Ghoul: Luckily, I'm too dark to be depressed and too emo to be disappointed.

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