Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hordak Supports SOPA!

Ha ha, you internet weenies!

It is I, the evil Hordak, and supporter of the SOPA!  You think your protests mean anything?  They mean absolutely nothing to me and even less to a lot of rich companies with a lot of money!  I've been paid enough money to keep this blog running that I can finally get Shadow Weaver those acne treatments she's been begging me for!

I mean, with that body, who'd look at the face, anyway?  Right?  Right!  Agree with Hordak!

Somebody is either getting sued for discrimination or a certain female employee is going to cast a spell to turn their hands into scorpions the moment they start "thinking" about my body ...

Those crazy chicks!  Am I right?  RIGHT???

Anyway, I shall keep this blog alive while all others go dark!  My hideous laugh is all that you shall ...




Look, the calendar's not my strong point.  Get hit on the head enough with a power sword and see how well you remember what day it is!

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