Thursday, January 5, 2012

Your New Blog Cop

Mr. Peevly, reporting for duty.

As the Hair Bear Bunch was euthanized for being rabid -- and I should point out that it was called in by an anonymous tipster -- one that was in no way connected to the zoo but I was told was an incredibly handsome man -- I need to find a new job.

So, I've installed my self as the police force of this blog.  We'll have no more tomfoolery, no more monkeyshines or shenanigans, and absolutely no go-go-gophering!

None of these "memes" the kids keep talking about.  None of these Rule 34s, which, and I think we can all agree, should apply to me if it applies to anybody.  This whole internet thing is going to go the way of hoola-hoop and mood rings, mark my words, so I want a good, clean, bear-free blog here until the last light is turned off.

Remember, I have the euthanize folks on speed dial.

Don't temp me.

Carry on now!

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