Monday, January 23, 2012

The Return of the Cursed Spook

You dare return to my eerie crypt of darkness?

Has your earlier torment not been enough?  Have you come here begging for this curse to be lifted?  Shall I grant this boon?  Let this be my answer:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Do you hear my voice?  Do you feel the chill of the grave?  Your curse continues!

Did your prime rib come back well done when you asked for medium, and then you passive-aggressively arranged your plate to maximize the mess?  The curse!  Did you hear the opening theme of Sweet Child o' Mine, only to find out it's the Sheryl Crow version?  The curse!  Did you reach into your wallet to pull out a $20 bill and instead pulled out the gummy remains of a melted candy?  The ... actually, that's kind of harsh ... CURSE!

Continue to suffer the curse of the mildly inconvenienced!

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