Wednesday, January 11, 2012

TrapJaw's Simple Winter Message

Remember "A Christmas Story?"  

Yeah, I love that film too.  Remember the part where the kid gets his tongue stuck to the pole?  I know, great moment.  We all love that.  Beastman wouldn't stop talking about in the corporate break room.  Funny.  Ha ha.  Funny.

Please note that I basically have a piece of metal welded to my face.  My tongue rests there.  24-7.  Frozen in a block of bitter ice ... like that last piece of chicken you have to carve out of the freezer with a pick.  The exact same thing I have to do with my tongue every night!

Not so funny now, is it Beastman?

Are you going to keep laughing, kind of creature-of-the-black-lagoon type guy?  What's your name? Whatever.  You're just a temp.  I'm head accountant.  I'll be laughing at you when your time is up, or at least will be after I pour this hot liquid into my jaw to get my tongue unstuck.

Ha ha ha.


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