Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simon Bar "Cinema" 3

Does reviewing movies on this silly blog count as work release?

Alright you ninnies!  Sadly, I am never asked to review "The Great Bikini Off Road Adventure" or "The Bikini Car Wash" or "The Bikini Atoll!"  These are films I might actually watch!  Instead, I can only watch modern trash -- like in this installment -- something called "The Gray."  Something which I have absolutely no intention of watching!

Now, I know this color.  It's a good color ... the color of steel.  Something I've made many a death cannon out of, and the color of the smear that will be left of Underdog after I hit him with the beam!

Gray is also the color of cement, the cement I shall encase Underdog's dripping gray corpse in when I throw him into the dark, gray depths of the ocean!

That, or more likely, the color of the outer ring of the black eye Underdog will hand me.  Being a scientist, I predict the probability of that being within 99.9%.

Gray is now, also, the color of my mood.

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