Sunday, January 8, 2012

Savoire Faire's Business Proposition

Savoire Faire -- I'm everywhere -- with a business proposition.

My brother, Favoire Saire -- totally not a made up name -- has gotten very sick.  He had a very bad flowbee accident ... his hair will never be the same ... and his vacuum cleaner isn't doing so well either!  I desperately need money for his hair transplant, but my bank accounts are all tied up by that Klondike Kat of the insufferable mounties!

I need 20 thousand dollars, pronto!   If you can loan it to me, in exchange, I will pay you back twice that when my funds are unfrozen.  This should happen conveniently right after the operation is complete and/or your check clears and/or I disappear into the frozen north.

All I need to accomplish this is:
  • You bank routing numbers
  • Any and all passwords you have
  • A list of which windows and/or doors in your house don't lock properly
  • Is that real silverware or the fake stuff?
Thank you for helping out in my time of need!

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