Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mr. Jinks Still Complaining

Yeah, so, like, here we are again!

This one is, like, an important topic and we should all, be, ya know, paying attention.  You paying attention?  OK, good.  Ya see, I ...

That's it!  This has gone on way too long.  You just use this space complain in that annoying "this is what hippies must sound like" voice.  A voice, I suspect, was created by somebody who the closest he got to hippies was when he mistakenly caught an episode of the Mod Squad on TV.

On top of that, you use the space to impugn the good old fashioned racism of ancient cartoons!  I will not have it on this blog!

... uh, but ... ya know ... like ...

Do I need to remind you what happened to the Hair Bear Bunch?  Do you want to see my Square Bear rug?  My Bubi Bear pillow case?  Or find out exactly what happened to Hair Bear?  Let's say he lives on in various extensions worn by LA women.

... so, like, I guess my complaint is there isn't enough , ya know, refreshments for our hard work blog cops!


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