Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rosemary's Still Angry

Rosemary here, #1 Hong Kong Phooey Fan and #1 Internet Hater.

I can't get over this!  What will Hong Kong Phooey think?  What will Underdog think, or even Ready from Ruff and Ready?  What about that dog from Tom and Jerry, the one that nobody knows his name?  Will any dog take me seriously after a bunch of perverted internet artists and google image ruined my life?

Rule 34 sucks!

Tell me about it ... and I caught Ookla searching for my name in google image!  I'm a princess, damn it, a princess!  I deserve better!  It can't get any worse than this!

I know it sisters, I know it!

Hmmm ... ( type ... type ... type )

( type ... type ... type )


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