Thursday, January 12, 2012

Simon Bar "Cinema" 2

Again?  Really.  The joke wasn't that good the first time, but with Underdog smashing my giant mechanic go-go gophers (a twofer of evil!) I've got some time.

This time I've reviewing TinTin.  Obviously, I'm currently in the hospital.  A giant steel robotic gopher head landed on me, so I'm not going to be seeing any movies.  I wouldn't anyway, but this time I actually have an excuse.

Shocked, right?  You people never want to think about the aftermath of Underdog smashing through a gigantic robot gopher, do you?  Well, let me tell you: the aftermath is fifty tons of screaming metal landing on the noggin of a bad Boris Karloff imitation!

So, TinTin.  A good metal, for sure.  I've build many a death ray out of it.  Thought about building the go-go-not-a-good-ideal-gophers out of it, but have you seen the price of tin lately?  Recycled aluminum was a better bet, and lighter too.  My spleen is certainly happy about that!

Now, get lost, I have recuperating and plotting to do!

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