Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hermey Would Like a Word with You

Hermey here.

I've been told my original post has the lowest view count of all the posts on this blog.  It seems there are people that think it wise to read posts from a bland giant monster from Marvel's Shogun Warriors comic of the late 1970s then a post from a #$!%@%! institution like HERMEY.


It seems some people aren't very fond of their teeth.  It seems some people get all misty in the eyes with the desire  to have ... somebody ... drop a giant bolder on their head.  It seems, and correct me if I'm wrong, that some people even want to have themselves held down by a smelly faux-French peppermint miner while I, er, I mean somebody, extracts ... slowly ... each and every one of their teeth.

Think about hearing the "clang" as that somebody release his pliers and each of your teeth clatter into a steel pan.

Think about eating oatmeal the rest of your life.

Let's all think about getting my post count up.

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